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Offering both virtual and in-person care and guidance

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50 Minutes

Through individual therapy, the entire focus is on you. It is essential for self-care to have consistent emotional support as we navigate life’s stressors. Without it, feeling isolated or “not normal” keeps us from thoroughly enjoying the better parts of life. Therapy can help lower anxiety, improve mood, increase healthy habits, and foster deeper connections.  

Clinical specialties: Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Depression, Emotion Regulation Difficulties, and Relationship Challenges


50 Mins

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) uses specific protocols to help you process a distressing past event, so your mind and body feel more at ease. Whether you experience that “on edge” feeling or “completely numb and depleted" state, EMDR can help your system return to baseline.
EMDR therapy has eight phases. It begins with identifying recent or past experiences that continue to cause present distress. After learning to ground yourself and engage in stabilizing exercises, we move into phase three upon agreement of readiness.
From there, we will process your past experiences using bilateral stimulation (i.e. eye movements, audio, or tactile movements) until there is minimal distress and install new positive beliefs about yourself. Your brain gets to drive the healing process. Some experiences may take many sessions to process or may just take one. EMDR has been researched extensively and shown to reduce symptoms associated with PTSD and other diagnoses.

Psychologist Session


60 Mins

Working with a skilled clinician who supports your career, encourages your growth, and helps you refine your therapy practice is the best training you can receive while navigating the emotional and demanding work as a therapist.

I am an approved supervisor in MA for clinicians seeking licensure hours towards their LMHC, and an approved supervisor in TX for associates with their LPC-A license.

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